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We are looking forward to your participation as a presenter at the 6 th International Conference on Life Long Learning in Pharmacy, to be held in Saskatoon, Canada, June 26 – 29, 2005. Here is some information to help you prepare your presentation and materials for the conference. Any questions should be directed to Jim Blackburn of the host committee in Saskatoon (jblackburn@sasktel.net).

1. Conference Registration/Travel

All presenters, with the exception of the invited keynote and plenary presentation speakers, must register for the conference, and are responsible for their own travel arrangements, accommodation, and related costs. Information on registration and hotel accommodation in Saskatoon will be posted on the conference website, www.lllp.usask.ca as it becomes available.

  • Airport Pick-Up: Please inform the host committee (contact: Jim Blackburn - jblackburn@sasktel.net) of your flight and arrival time by Monday, June 13. We will try to arrange to have someone meet you at the airport, if possible.
  • Travel Visas: Travelers to Canada from certain countries require a Temporary Resident Visa. The Conference website includes links for information about travel visas. If you require a letter from the conference organizers to assist with obtaining a travel visa, please contact Jim Blackburn – jblackburn@sasktel.net.

2. Presentation Guidelines

All speakers should report to their assigned presentation room at least 15 minutes before their presentation is scheduled to begin. If you require more time to set-up, please contact Jim Blackburn (jblackburn@sasktel.net).

  • Invited keynote and plenary speakers: These sessions are 60 minutes in length, with an additional 10 minutes for questions. A short presenter bio (maximum 75 words) and photograph are required if they have not already been submitted. An abstract and handout will be required as described below.
  • Workshop presenters: These sessions are 90 minutes in length, plus a 15 minute break at 45 minutes to allow participants in concurrently running sessions to move to a different session. The break is optional for workshops. Workshops are expected to be practical and include opportunities for active learning and interaction between participants. It is recommended that a 90 minute workshop include about 50 to 60 minutes of content and 30 to 40 minutes of active learning. A short presenter bio (maximum 50 words per presenter), abstract, and handout will be required as described below.
  • Breakout (concurrent) session presenters: These sessions are 45 minutes in length. Sessions must include opportunity for discussion e.g. question and answer period, asking participants to contribute their experience, “buzz” groups (2-3 minute discussions on an issue in small groups of 2-3 people), etc. It is recommended that the 45 minute session include about 25 to 30 minutes of content and 15 to 20 minutes for interaction with/among participants. . A short presenter bio (maximum 50 words per presenter), abstract and handout will be required as described below.
  • Research presenters: These presentations are 15 minutes in length. Three research presentations will be grouped together for each research session. You are encouraged to stay for the entire session, as no time is provided for movement to other sessions between presentations. Please be succinct in your comments – 15 minutes is not a long time! Try to leave 2 or 3 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions. As there will no be enough time to switch computers between research presentations, research presenters must use the computer provided in the presentation room. See below for further information. A short presenter bio (maximum 30 words) which can be used to introduce you, and abstract will be required as described below. Handouts are optional.
  • Poster presenters: You are responsible for all poster materials and for set up and take down of your poster. The poster board size is 4’ by 8’. Posters may be attached with tacks or Velcro, which will be supplied. The poster display area will be open for poster set-up on Sunday, June 26 during the registration period, and on Monday, June 27 before the opening plenary. Posters must be taken down during the lunch break on Wednesday, June 29. You will be asked to present a 1-minute overview of your poster during the “Visit My Poster” plenary session at 10:00 am on Monday, June 27. Please do not bring a computer presentation for this session. The required manned poster viewing sessions, during which you should be at your poster to answer questions, are tentatively planned for Monday, June 27 – 13:00 to 13:40 pm and Tuesday, June 28 – 10:45 am to 12:00 pm. An abstract will be required as described below.

3. Laptop Computers

  • Research presentations: Do not bring your own computer to the session as there is not enough time to switch computers before each research presentation. Please provide your presentation in PowerPoint 2003 format by e-mail (LLL05program@shaw.ca) before Wednesday, June 15, and bring a back-up copy with you on a CD or USB drive.
  • Keynote, plenary, workshop, breakout presentations: The conference will be able to supply some laptop computers if you do not wish to bring your own. Please inform the host committee ( Jim Blackburn – jblackburn@sasktel.net) if you require a laptop computer. If you are using a conference laptop, please provide your presentation in PowerPoint 2003 format by e-mail before Wednesday, June 15, and bring it with you on a CD-ROM or USB drive as an added security measure. Presenters using their own laptops are also welcome to send a copy of their presentation by e-mail as a security measure, but this is not required.

 AV Requirements

Please confirm your AV requirements prior to June 1. Advise Jim Blackburn (jblackburn@sasktel.net) regarding your request for: laptop, LCD projector, overhead projector, whiteboard, flip chart, or other.

4. Abstracts

An abstract is required from all presenters. The final presentation title and a preliminary abstract are required on or before Monday, January 31 to post on the conference website. A final abstract is required by Monday, May 16 to post on the website and to include in the printed conference materials. You have the option of using your preliminary abstract for the final abstract. Please send your abstract by e-mail to LLL05program@shaw.ca).

  • Font: Times New Roman, size 11
  • Spacing: Blank line between main sections of the abstract (title, presenter names, body, learning objectives, self-assessment questions), paragraphs in the body, learning objectives, and self-assessment questions. Otherwise single spaced. Do not indent the start of a paragraph.
  • Title: Should be brief and clearly indicate the topic of the presentation. Capitalize only the first letter of each word in the title as appropriate. Title should be in Bold font.
  • Presenter Name(s): List the primary presenter first. For each presenter, include first name, last name, ONE position title and institutional affiliation, city, and country. Omit degrees and qualifications, and other appointments or positions/institutional affiliations. Presenter information should be in italics.
  • Body: Should be 250 – 300 words ONLY. Avoid using tables, graphs, and graphics in the abstract. Minimally include a rationale or background, and an overview of the key messages to be presented. If the presentation pertains to a research study, include a brief background, study design/methods, summary of key results, conclusions. Descriptions of education programs (e.g. poster presentations) should include a brief rationale for why the program was developed, key design components of the program, and a summary of evaluation data where available.
  • Learning Objectives - For keynote, plenary, workshop, breakout sessions only: Provide at least 3 learning objectives for your presentation that focus on the key messages. Express them as a learner outcome statement, using the format “By the end of this presentation, the participant should be able to:”
  • Self-Assessment Questions – For keynote, plenary, workshop, breakout sessions only: For each stated learning objective, provide one self-assessment question to help the participant determine if they have met the learning outcome. Focus on the key messages of the presentation.

5. Handouts

A handout is required from presenters of keynote, plenary, workshop, and breakout sessions. Handouts are optional for research presentations. Handouts must be received on or before Monday, May 30, 2005 to be included in the conference handbook. Handouts not received in time are the responsibility of the presenter.

  • Handouts may consist of presentation slides printed 3 or 6 per page in black and white with background graphics removed. If this is your preferred option, you can use the Send To option in the File menu of PowerPoint to convert your presentation slides to a Word handout (select the “Notes or Blank Lines next to slide” option). OR send a PowerPoint 2003 format copy of the presentation slides to be included in the handout by e-mail to LLL05program@shaw.ca. Remove background graphics and color from the handout slides prior to submission.
  • Alternatively, a summary of the presentation content in point form may be provided.
  • Include up to 5 citations of key references and 3 recommended readings for those interested in learning more about your topic.

6. Presenter Bio

  • Workshop, Breakout, and Research presenters must submit a brief bio (maximum 50 words per presenter for Workshop and Breakout speakers, and 30 words per presenter for Research presenters) with the preliminary abstract on or before January 31, 2005. Minimally include your current position and a brief statement (1-2 sentences) that explains your expertise in the topic you are presenting on. This information will be used to introduce you, and may be included on the website and in conference materials.
  • Poster presenters do not need to submit a bio.  

Key Deadlines

Monday, January 31, 2005: Final presentation title, preliminary abstract, presenter(s) bio(s) required
Monday, May 16, 2005: Final abstract required
Monday, May 30, 2005: Handouts required
Monday, June 13, 2005: Inform Jim Blackburn of your flight arrival time if you wished to be met at the airport
Wednesday, June 15, 2005: Copy of research presentation slides required